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Juventus Live Stream

Juventus Live Stream

Juventus Live Streaming

Juventus Torino, known as simply Juventus or Juve, is a professional football club from Torino, Piemont, Italy. The club is one of the oldest ones in Italy and has played in the first division most of its history, except the 2006-2007 season.

The club was founded in 1897, with the name of Sport Club Juventus, by a group of young Italian students. Juventus is the oldest professional football club in Italy, becoming a symbol of the country over the years. Juventus has the biggest number of fans in Italy and is very popular worldwide, especially in the countries with Italian immigrants.

The club played the Italian Championship in 1900 for the first time. The players wore pink t-shirts and black shorts. Juventus won the first championship in 1905.

Besides the colors, the Italian football club changed its name several times over the years. The club was known as Sport Club Juventus, Foot-Ball Club Juventus, Juventus, Juventus-Cisitalia and finally Juventus Football Club.

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