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Snooker Live Stream: Where to Watch and the Most Important Snooker Events to Watch Out for

There is much more to snooker than meets the eye. Many people disregard professional cue games events as "boring" and prefer to watch some of the more exciting sports such as football or rugby. However, these same groups of people enjoy going out to the pub and playing a game of snooker or two with their buddies. Some even treat it as a form of gambling and bet on the outcome of the match with their opponents.

Watching snooker is a great way to improve your practical skills. No matter how good at pool you think you may be, you're probably nowhere near matching the tactical acumen of Mark Selby or another World Snooker champion. Professional players often notice things that "normal" people wouldn't possibly be able to see, due to the sheer amount of hours they've put into playing the game, analyzing the plays of their opponents, and watching dozens of tapes of previous snooker masters playing out their trophy-winning matches.

Regardless of whether you're an avid snooker follower, or you're just out to see the next World Snooker Championship in order to pick up some pointers for your next game at the pub, you're probably wondering where you can find the best snooker live stream, how to watch the game without any hiccups, and which events you stand to learn the most from. If so, then you've come to the right place. Scroll through this article to find exactly what you're looking for.

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Where to Watch Snooker Live

To say that snooker is not the most popular sport in the world would be a huge understatement. Sure, a lot of people like to play cue games in their leisure time, but not many of them are passionate enough to watch the World Snooker Championship online or on television. This puts snooker aficionados in a difficult position when it comes to finding a quality snooker live stream or TV broadcast of the most important games -- when the demand is low, network overlords aren't so keen on spending the money required to broadcast live snooker matches. In this section, we'll take a closer look at your viewing options and where you stand to get the best experience possible.

Cable TV

There is no shortage of premium sports channels out there, regardless of whether you live in North America, Asia, Europe, or anywhere else in the world. Sport sells, and the TV executives know very well that fans are more than willing to pay extra to be able to watch their favorite teams compete. One of the most popular sports channels out there, Eurosport, transmits snooker live events on a regular basis, including the 2020 World Snooker Championship. The bad news is that you're going to have to pay a premium price for a cable sports package in order to gain access. If you're a fan of other disciplines, such as football, basketball or hockey, splashing the cash on such a package may turn out to be worth it. If you're only planning to watch snooker, though, you might want to consider alternative options in order to truly get your money's worth.

Premium Sites

As is the case most niche interests, the Internet is the best place to find premium, exclusive snooker content for a decent price. The WST website is one of the best online resources for fans to find any important snooker live stream, gain instant access to the World Snooker Championship transmissions straight from the Crucible Theatre, as well as other goodies, such as interviews with players, pundit shows, predictions and much more. Of course, in order to get the full package, you still need to pay quite a sum (usually in the monthly subscription format), but it may prove to be less costly than a cable plan.

Free Snooker Live Stream (Yes, It's a Thing!)

You might not be too hot on spending a specified amount of money every month just to be able to watch the World Snooker Championship once a year. Maybe you just want to watch snooker live games, without having to dish out extra cash on interviews, shows and expert opinions. Fortunately, there are some places on the Internet that allow you to do just that without spending any money whatsoever!

One of such websites is Joker Live Stream. We provide our users with links to every major snooker event, including the World Snooker Championship and the UK Championship. The links go up as soon as the event goes live. We pride ourselves in enabling fans to watc the World Snooker Championship online without any hidden fees or subscription plans, and want to keep our service free of charge indefinitely. So, if you're a snooker fanatic who's temporarily short on cash, or just want to casually catch a live snooker match once or twice a year, head on over to Joker Live Stream to get the best experience for precisely $0.00/month!

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Major Snooker Events

Just like tennis has the Grand Slam, snooker's got its own version of an annual, prestigious tournament group, known as the Triple Crown. If you call yourself a true snooker fan, you should not miss any of the following events.

World Snooker Championship

The 2020 World Snooker Championship was won by Ronnie O'Sullivan, after a thrilling battle of wits against Kyren Wilson. The annual snooker extravaganza, hosted by the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield every year, is the most important snooker live event in the world and the "crown jewel" of the Triple Crown.

UK Championship

It is no secret that British players have dominated the game for the last couple of decades, so it shouldn't surprise you that another one of the Triple Crown events is the UK Championship, held at the Barbican Centre in York. The current champion, however, is an Australian pro -- Neil Robertson.

The Masters

Held at the Alexandra Palace in London, the Masters is an invitational tournament for players from all over the world. Although it is not a ranking event, it is still considered one of the most important snooker championships and is part of the Triple Crown. In order to get invited to the Masters, a player needs to be in the top 16 of the world snooker rankings.

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The Bottom Line

If, like us, you're passionate about snooker, pool, billiards and all of the other cue games, you don't need to have it all explained to you. The appeal of the sport should be more than clear to you by now. The world of snooker is very exciting and every hit that professional snooker players make are considered art for anyone who knows how difficult it is to manipulate cue sticks and get all of the angles right. Now that you know where to catch a snooker live stream if you ever need one, you should be set to never miss another championship ever again!